Incorrect Values on Pie Charts

I am making a pie chart where each section represents the amount of revenue that one of our customers produced. It seems that when I add my value to the pie chart, the numbers are completely off. As you see by the check in the total the section for Leo Limited should be $1,032,055.08 but instead I am getting a much higher value on the pie chart. I know in the pie chart I have yearly revenue but that is just a sum of invoice revenue so I assumed this would work.

Hey Zachary!

So I think the reason you are seeing this is because the Yearly Revenue is on a higher level than your company name. This means that it is going to sum up your revenue many more times than it needs too – creating a fan out. This is why you are seeing such large values. You can fix this by using sum(Invoice Revenue) in your value column instead of your Yearly Revenue!