Is it possible to hide the tabs UI element via URL parameter?

We want to privately embed a sheet from one workbook in another workbook, but hide the row of tabs at the bottom of the embedded workbook so we don’t end up with two rows of tabs. Ideally we could add a parameter like :hidetabs=true to the private embed URL to do this. Does any such functionality exist? If not, consider this a feature request.

Hey Tom, you can embed pages individually and use parameters to drive what is displayed or not displayed. Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

Does this work for embedding Sigma in Sigma?

Yup! The filter selections won’t hold multi-select filter selections between the pages (because Sigma reloads the page each time and the embed param isn’t compatible with the workaround for multi-select parameters).

Here’s an example:

I want to embed a sheet in another Sigma workbook as-is. When I use the application embed method you show above and copy the embed URL and use it in an embed element in another workbook I get an error:

@data_katrina what am I doing wrong in the screenshot above?

Hey Tom, Not exactly sure what Katrina has set up but you will not be able to use the application embed link directly as it requires a host of other params that cannot be hard coded like a nonce value and encoded client secret.

Whoops, sorry, the screenshot is incorrect. You want the public embed version.


We can’t risk turning on public embeds because we’re a health care company. Thus my original request to allow the tabs to be hidden in private embeds.

Ah, ya that makes sense! In that case, I don’t believe so. You can hide tabs individually but it’s all-or-nothing. I’d suggest making a post about it in the feature request!