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Hi there, amazing Sigma users!

Hold on to your seats because we have an absolute blast of a week ahead! Brace yourselves for the incredible Snowflake Summit, the ultimate event in town! :tada: And guess what? Sigma is diving headfirst into the action, bringing all the mind-blowing details from the featured sessions. Can you feel the electricity in the air? We definitely can!

But here’s the deal: we want YOU to be a part of this amazing experience. We want to see your smiling faces, hear your enthusiastic cheers, and soak up all the knowledge you’re gaining. Don’t keep it to yourself! We want you to share every captivating moment with the entire Sigma community. So go ahead, snap those awe-inspiring photos, and start spreading the love by posting them right here in the comments! Let’s make this an unforgettable journey together! :sparkles::dizzy:


Thank you to @Riley Gamboa for sharing. Don’t forget to visit the Sigma booth for your swag :gift:!!

Sigma has been awarded Snowflake BI Partner of the Year :trophy:!

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More details about the award can be found on the blog.

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Data science models built in Snowflake are now available to the business user through Sigma’s BI interface. Examples include:

  • Running customers through loyalty program models.
  • Forecasting future trends.
  • Clustering data.
  • Making revenue predictions based on customer models.

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What models do you or your organization build? Showcase your models with the community!

Check out our latest video series, “Queries on the Street,” featuring @lizziecase, Sigma Account Executive. Join Lizzie as she takes on the #SnowflakeSummit crowd with some data-tastic questions and quizzes.

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