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Exciting news! :tada: Our next Sigma User Meetup will take place in NYC on Sept. 14th. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to level up your Sigma skills, learn from industry experts, and connect with like-minded data enthusiasts in-person or virtually.
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Meetup Highlights you don’t want to miss:

@Han's sharing of the Blackstone story
@ndcoleman's lessons on practical tips and tricks using Sigma
@zalak_trivedi and @rob's sharing on upcoming Sigma roadmap and AI demo

:point_right: [September New York City Sigma User Meetup | Sigma Computing ].

Also, we have a data panel discussion and Sunset Party on the rooftop starting at 6 PM Eastern following the meetup. Tasty food and drinks, along with exciting conversation, are all waiting for you!
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Recording of the event for your reference:

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Q: Do the Input Tables work for BQ data sources?
A: Not yet, but it is on the roadmap and we are working on it!

Q: What is the difference between a custom function and metrics?
A: A metric is associated with a specific data source, eg it’s bound to that dataset.
Custom functions are not, they’re macros that you can use on any data source. They are particularly powerful in combination with warehouse UDFs.

Q: Is there a sample dashboard or test version that we can try for Copilot?
A: Copilot is still in development. Once it’s in beta, it’ll be available to test. Current plan is next quarter.

Q: For column-level security, will it eventually allow full-hiding of columns rather than displaying the error message?
A: Yes! The version presented is a preview. Our goal is in the future, the error message will be honed, and then a final version will hide the column altogether.

Q: Will Sigma AI have an additional cost?
A: As we are still in development on some features, we haven’t determined pricing yet. When we are in beta we will have that determined.

Q: Is there a form of data validation for input tables? I would like to allow users to write an input table, but only have limited options to choose from. (ie, control for typos)
A: We currently have data validation by setting a set of allowed values for a column. If you have additional validation types you are interested in, post them under Product Requests and let the community vote on the interest.

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