Long list of filter selections

I have a scenario where we have groups of keys that change each month which we need to filter on. These aren’t consistent however so for instance:

Month 1:

  • Group 1 - 123, 124, 125, 126, 127
  • Group 2 - 454,895, 1321

Month 2:

  • Group 1 - 454, 895, 123, 124
  • Group 2 - 125, 126, 127, 1321

So they move based on business conditions for the given month. There’s a lot of them each month (this would be an extremely small example). So my users can either go through and select them one at a time and use the visualization, but they have to do that for a bunch of groups and a regularly shifting set of items within the groups so it’s pretty tough. Other than uploading a CSV of their groups each month and updating the workbook, is it possible for them to just cut and past a comma-separated list into the filter box?

Hey @aingold - Yes, you can use a textbox control element to allow your users to copy and paste in values. Then you can set up a filter based on if the textbox contains a value (ie Contains([Filter-Question], [Country]))


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