Manage Team Membership from the "People" Page

Describe Feature
In addition to being able to manage a team’s members from Teams, it would be helpful to be able to manage a user’s teams from the People page.

What is the use case?
If a user should be a member of multiple teams, currently I would need to open each team to check if they are listed. It would be easier to find the person in People and be able to click on them or hit the kebab menu to see/edit the team membership.

How often would this feature be used?
Any time issues or questions arise regarding a user’s access to content, workspaces, etc. for customers who utilize Teams to manage access to these resources. For us, the feature would be used several times per month.

What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
Improved efficiency in investigating and/or correcting access issues associated with team membership. Improved efficacy in providing the right content to the right users. Reduced time-to-resolution when there is an access issue caused by misconfigured team membership.