May 5, 2022 - First Sigma User Meetup

Thank you everyone who joined us on May 5th at our first hybrid to connect with Sigma users across industries, regions, and levels of experience.

Some links mentioned in the meetup:
Webinar on Sigma Embedding
What’s new in Sigma Webinar on May 19
Sign Up for our next Sigma User Meetup
PDF of the Presentation (803.5 KB)

I’m interested in seeing the documentation explaining how to grab a single value and re-use it if it’s available.


Hey @klopo
Sorry for the slow response, I somehow missed this reply.
We don’t have docs on how to grab the value, partially because it’s so straight forward. To use a single value and reuse it, just type in the element name, and then grab the column where the single value is calculated. If you want to reference a summary from a table, you can also just click the summary value to reference it in the formula bar.