Monitoring of Usage

How Can an admin user see who has used the tool and which functions have been used?

Hey Pipalla77~

An admin can access a host of information via the “Usage” tab in the administration panel including user actions on documents, and query history which can both be filtered to a specific user. This documentation is slightly dated in that a few of the tabs have been updated but here it is for reference. Let us know if this is what you were looking for!

I see this pre-fabbed embedded report for Usage is still available for administrators. Is there any way to access that data directly to combine with other datasets? It seems that would be a great data source to combine with other Usage data from other connections (especially for embedded usage).

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Hey there Pat!

We expose this data in the form of a connection called audit logs. This is a beta feature that needs to be turned on for your organization. In order to get this turned on, you can reach our to the support team via live chat or by contacting your customer success manager. The Sigma Audit Logging connection will be available for admins once turned on and contains all of the data that is being displayed within usage dashboards.

The tricky part of this question is that the tables from this connection cannot be joined to existing tables from different connections off the bat. The data here lives in a Snowflake warehouse separate from your own data warehouse, and you cannot join between different warehouses/connections. However, we do support exporting to cloud storage which can help connect this data to a Snowflake connection in an automated way. Once there is access to the connection and you can get this data into your own data warehouse you are free to join away!


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