More Element Sizing Options in Workbooks

*Describe the feature
When arranging page elements on a workbook page, I would like more control over how elements are sized on the page:

  1. Set fixed width
  2. Set fixed height
  3. Auto-size height to fit table
  4. Auto-size width to fit table
  5. etc (the current set of features Tableau provides for this are a great guide for what I’d like to see)

*Use Case
Workbooks are great, and I’d like to offer them to my Explorer’s viewers, but my org has a wide variety of screen sizes, and the arrangement of elements on the page does not play well when resizing the window, especially horizontally.

  • How often would this feature be used?
    I would use workbooks for nearly all of our user-facing content much more often if elements could be sized more effectively

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
    Major difference-making in terms of user-facing outputs