More Element Sizing Options in Workbooks

*Describe the feature
When arranging page elements on a workbook page, I would like more control over how elements are sized on the page:

  1. Set fixed width
  2. Set fixed height
  3. Auto-size height to fit table
  4. Auto-size width to fit table
  5. etc (the current set of features Tableau provides for this are a great guide for what I’d like to see)

*Use Case
Workbooks are great, and I’d like to offer them to my Explorer’s viewers, but my org has a wide variety of screen sizes, and the arrangement of elements on the page does not play well when resizing the window, especially horizontally.

  • How often would this feature be used?
    I would use workbooks for nearly all of our user-facing content much more often if elements could be sized more effectively

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
    Major difference-making in terms of user-facing outputs


Very much agree, especially the spacing for the filters (Control elements)… that way the entire page at the top isn’t made up of filters…

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Hey @aborland and @datafordinner
We’re currently working on a project exploring different layout options for Workbooks. We’re trying to address some of the concerns you outlined in your post, but with a slightly different approach.
Would you be willing top hop on a quick call to talk more about your layout challenges and what might help fix them?

Absolutely willing to discuss next week if it would be helpful

I’m not sure if we can vote on feature requests, but +1 me on this one. We’re embedding Sigma resources and need to handle desktop and mobile layouts in a consistent manner.

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