Multicolor bar charts

I’d like to make this more visually appealing by having some variation to the colors. I’ve created a unioned table that starts with summary of two (though there could be more) categories and the same table only with the category being “Combined” to aggregate the data. So the default bar graph looks like this:

Nice, but ultimately kind of boring. I tried then going by scale and used the same value as on my Y-Axis. But this spaces things out strangely:

So I tried using a rowcount and applying formatting rules:

Which gets me this, much nicer.

The problem is that I need to create rules for a varying amount of rows. So say we change the filter categories and have 10 different options we’d have to make rules for each of those. Not ideal.

Is there any other/better way to get this done than the last approach?

I deleted them, rebuilt from the ground up and got what I was looking for using the scale approach. I have no clue. Sigma is great but weird at times.

Glad to hear you have successfully developed the chart you want! :clinking_glasses: Please include the left-hand configuration panel (Element property) next time for the community to help you to figure it out.