New Viz Type: Heatmap

*** Describe Feature**
A new type of viz option called “Heatmap” that is separate from conditional formatting of tables. We are currently exploring the Plugin option, but it would be great to have it as a native viz.

*** What is the use case?**
Oftentimes a field may have more categories than can fit vertically and/or horizontally on the screen. The Heatmap viz would allow for scaling of the row heights and column widths to display the relative intensity of the surrounding data points.

For example, we have used another tool in the past to visualize Days of Week as the columns, and individual Minutes of the Day as rows. This would be untenable to show using Sigma’s tables. (Image attached for reference.)

*** How often would this feature be used?**
For us, this would be used very regularly by our Data Science team.

*** What is the impact of this feature on your organization?**
This would allow us to fully pivot to Sigma and away from our legacy BI tool.


+1 for making this a native viz or for adding more flexibility to the current workaround.

You can add background colors (conditional formatting) to a pivot table to create the same effect. It works really well across the entire data, but you have to build some workarounds within a column or row (ie only 2018 not 2018 compared to all of 2018-2023)

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Yep! The conditional formatting in tables actually works really, really well… but there is no way to really shrink down the row heights to make it look more like my example image.

Ah ya, the only workaround I know for that is to manually adjust the widths…which is tedious and to change the font color and uncheck the sub-totals/totals

I wish there was a “fit to size” option - I feel like that’d help in this kind of scenario.

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“Fit to size” would 100% solve a lot, especially for heatmaps.

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