Non-Alphabetical Custom Sorting

Is it possible to do a custom sort – basically not sorting alphabetically? For example, I have four categories: Critical, High, Medium, and Low and I would like for them to be sorted in that order but it seems the only way I can sort them is alphabetical. Would this be possible?

Hey Zachary!

Great question – I have a workaround for this! Can you add a new column next to this target column and assign these categories numbers 1-4. You can then sort on the numerical column in ascending fashion to get the order you want!

Hey @Ryan, I have gotten this far, but now can I hide my newly created column so it doesn’t show in the presentation layer?

I am working in a Sigma Workbook, using a calculated field. These are my current sort options:



Hey @Brandon_Hancock!

Are you working from a workbook? If so you can right-click on your column to hide it!

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@Ryan, I got it figured out with the help of Yuri the all-star support guy. The only real issue was that I was using my sort field as a column, which could not be hidden. Yuri had me move that field to Values, turn it into a MAX(), then sort the column by the value field. Then hide the value.