NULL Option Default in Workbook Filter

Hello Everyone ,

Is there any way to hide “Null” option from the filter drop down in workbook . It is coming up even if there is no NULL record. Can any one please help on this ?


I’d like to second this. Also had this problem!

We have it in the list so that there is an option to filter out future nulls, even if they don’t exist in the list yet.
Unlike other values where you could type out a value and add it to the filter even if it doesn’t exist in the data yet, null is a special case. Typing ‘null’ into a filter would look for the string ‘null’ as opposed to null values. So if we remove it from the list, it would negate the ability to filter to look for null values.

It sounds like in your use case, you are looking to remove the null option from Workbook Controls, is that right?
That we may be able to do as a setting.