Pacing Formula - Useful for tracking budgets and other monthly goals

Just wanted to share a useful formula I reuse fairly often to ensure I’m on pace to hit monthly budget and volume goals. It will show you the percentage you’re off from where you should be today.

For this example, I use a parameters to set the values for [This Month] and [Budget].

[Current Total] / (([Budget] / DateDiff(“day”, Date([This Month]), Date(EndOfMonth([This Month])))) * DateDiff(“day”, Date([This Month]), Date(Today())))

Is the parameter [This Month] used to input the number of the current month (e.g. 9 for September)? If so, you could use Today() and DatePart to automatically grab that value.
That said, it’s probably useful to be able to manually toggle what month you’re looking at. I imagine that the first first days of the month, you’re probably looking at last month’s results.

Hi Nick,

We should be careful using DateDiff to calculate the days of a month. For example, you will get only 30 days for December using your formula.