Remove duplicates/dupes based on the value in a single column (dedupe)

I would like to dedup my rows. But the dedup depends on the value in only one colum of the spreadsheet – not all columns. Is this possible?

Hey! Would it work to group the table based on that single column and then create a child element off of that grouping?

I also wish there was an easier way to identify duplicate rows in the datasource.


The way I get rid of duplicate rows while keeping all the columns is to group on a value I want to be unique. Then, in the base columns add a column with the formula RowNumber(). If there is a particular column that I this is causing the dupes, I’ll put that in the RowNumber formula.
Then, I filter the RowNumber column to only include “1”. I then hide the column, and create a child table that I use as my source.

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Erica, data_katrina -
The solutions sound similiar and I am trying them out. the leveling/grouping is straight forward. Looking for the documentation to create a child table.

Go to the crumb on the upper right of a workbook element and click “Create Child Element”. It will create a new element with your original element as the source or “parent”.

A huge thank you to both erica and data_katrina — In the end, I want to be able to do this in a dataset so that is it usable by my business teams So I created 2 datasets – 1 with the unduplicated ID rows and another with the detail info. They are easily joined in a workbook!

I am intrigued by the comments at the “What’s New” meeting yesterday on combining dataset and workbook functionality. Looking forward to what that looks like.

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