Reversing Y or X Axis order

My Y Axis values have dates (YYYYMMDDHH) but in text format. They are showing as “Ordinal” as Scale Type, and Sigma does not give any other options to change it. I cannot Reverse the order shown in the Scatter plot. Is there a way to still reverse the order of an Ordinal Y or X axis?
Screenshot 2022-11-16 160407

For your needs, is that date field required to be in text format, or would converting (back?) to a date format still work for your use case?

Hi Adam,

YYYYMMDDHH in text format has always been the data type that has been stored in the tables. It is actually “neater” to show in the plots as we really need to show the “HH” in the dates. Attached is how it looks, as it shows local time zones against UTC.

@molson - If the values are Text then ordering would be alphabetical. I’m not sure how helpful such sort would be for date values whether ascending or descending.
In any case on the Plot view of the panel, you can right-click on the X-Axis column and hit Sort. Select the arrow (up/down) and you should see the order reverted.

If you really must have the date column as Text, you could duplicate it and convert it to a Date value and plot the latter in the X-Axis while retaining your Text column for other purposes.

Have you tried custom date formatting? Something like %Y-%m-%d-%H (or maybe without the dashes if you prefer it to look like your version) should work and keep it as a date format.

(NOTE: I’ll admit that I haven’t tried dates on axes for a scatterplot, yet… so there may be other hiccups I’m not aware of.)

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