Scheduled Exports - Viewable and Editable Permissions

Describe Feature

  • Our Setup has both internal users and guest users. Through trial and error we’ve realized that a user’s permissions carry over in these reports. As the user’s permission changes so does all the reports that they’ve scheduled in the past. Additionally, if an admin user goes in to modify the scheduled email, the scheduled email will now carry the admin’s permissions.

  • In the “Scheduled Exports” tab in “Administration”. I want to be able to see and be able to adjust the team permissions and user attributes that are applied. And I want to see who was the original creator of the scheduled export.

  • Fields needed:

  • Team

  • User Attributes

What is the use case?

  • Row Level Security. Ensuring that my adjusting the scheduled export won’t suddenly change the permissions originally applied. And I can visually see what permissions are applied and adjust them as needed.

How often would this feature be used?

  • Each time a scheduled export is set up.

What is the impact of this feature on your organization?

  • Massive. Data security is of paramount importance.

Added Permissions, Scheduled