"Show collapsed columns" option issue

Hi all,
I recently noted a malfunction in the Show collapsed columns option of the Workbook’s tables. I have created a table with this option deactivated, but if I want to expand the details of a single row, it does not work:


The same table, with the option Show collapsed columns selected, works correctly:


When Show Collapsed Columns is deactivated, as you had initially, that means Sigma will not show collapsed columns. That said, I believe what you’re observing is expected (the underlying columns are hidden, so we don’t expect them to suddenly appear when you expand a grouping level). We do, however, expect to see the collapsed columns when Show Collapsed Columns is selected.

Thanks @ameliahelland ,
I see, I expected that collapsed columns would appear when I expand a grouping level

Do you think it would then be possible to hide the + icons in the rows when the columns are collapsed?