Snowflake Connections - Set Query Tags

Describe Feature
When setting a Snowflake Connection (in the Connection Features section), we would like to be able to set default query tags for this particular connection.

What is the use case?
Each client have it’s own query tags but uses the same Warehouse

Say we have some dashboards that are the same for N clients but uses the same Snowflake Warehouse called W_SIGMA

For billing purposes we want to create multiple snowflake connections for our clients but all will use the same Warehouse and have their query tags set to client-a or client-b.

We can then create our billing based on

select sum(CREDITS_USED_CLOUD_SERVICES) from snowflake.account_usage.query_history where query_tag = 'client-a';

How often would this feature be used?
Everytime we create a new Snowflake Connection.

What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
Be able to easily query usage and calculate used credits on the warehouse based on query tag.

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