Table PDF export is clipping data at bottom

I have a fairly simple table visual set up in a workbook that I am attempting to set up automated email exports to PDF for and for some reason each export seems to be losing the last 10 or so rows of data, but has no other issues.

There are only 400 rows of data total, and just a few groupings and calculated columns added and are otherwise very simple. I’ve ensure the option to “expand table to first 1k rows” is enabled. If I try with different filters with less data, it still clips the last 10 rows of data on the PDF even if there is more room on the same page. This data does not clip that data if it goes to excel format instead.

Any ideas what to try or could this perhaps be a bug?

Hi Pat,
I agree that this is an issue on our end, where we are cutting off the bottom of the table.

Can you tell me whether you are using the new “grid layout” functionality? That is, when you are editing a workbook, do the empty regions show a darker grey rounded rectangle “grid”?:

Or is the background simply grey, without the rounded rectangles?

Quick correction on how to check whether grid layout is in use, as the grid guides can be disabled.
Click on the settings/cog icon on the bottom left:
Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 1.52.00 PM

If grid layout is in use, you’ll see the Layout Settings section.
Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 1.53.02 PM

If that section is not shown, and you only see Workbook Formatting, then you are using the older (non-grid) layout.

Hi Nathan, Thanks for the quick response.

I have had the issue on both versions. I was trying the old style earlier when I noticed the issue, then switched to the new grid style now and having the same issue.

Here’s my current view setting.

Hi Pat,
After some investigation, we found out the engineering team is actively working on a fix for this issue. Please stay tuned as we will communicate through the release note with the resolution.

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Hi Pat,
I was been told this issue has been resolved by the engineering team. Can you please double-check and confirm on your end?

Thank you,