Tabs in Dashboard

Hi Team,

Is there any way to add tabs in the Dashboards as shown in the Picture Below?
Dashboard Tabs

If not, is there any way we could create something like this with the existing functionalities?

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Hey Aishwary,

This is not currently possible in Sigma – we do have a feature open for this capability which I will add your name to right now!

Please add me to this request. I need to be able to do exactly this with one of my dashboards too :slight_smile:

Hey Gary! Sigma Worbooks have multiple pages to help your organize your dashboards. It’s not exactly what is pictured but has similar function.
Does that help your use case?

Hi Erica. Yes, I was hoping to avoid that route. I have a pivot table that has columns displaying % values and I was hoping for some way to toggle to show $ values for the same data displayed. Having a tab to hold each version of the pivot table would be better than forcing the user to hit another page in the Workbook, which is what I’m building currently.

I think I understand.
Another option is to create a parameter which change what is displayed in the pivot table. If all you need to do is swap a single column in the pivot table, then a parameter would work well. If there are more extensive changes, then that won’t work.

It is a multi-column pivot. I need to change both the TGP% and TGP3% to become TGP$ and TGP3$

They would then hold the actual $ value that the % is derived from.

@GaryB - Using @erica 's suggestion I can get a behavior like so:

2022-04-13 11.50.29

Is this what you’re after?
P.S. The color is there just for emphasizing the difference visually between Delta and Percent.

@darien my problem is that I need it to flip 2 columns in the pivot, not just one. Is that possible with what you did there?

A formatting rule can be applied to 1 or more columns in a table:

@darien Can you show me the Parameter formula you used to the column that changes values and how it ties to the the pivot. I’m experimenting but can’t get it to hook-up.


The formula for the [Difference] column is as follows:
If([Param-selection] = "Delta", [Bitcoin price at close] - Lead([Bitcoin price at close]), [Bitcoin price at close] / Lead([Bitcoin price at close]))

This takes care of the value calculation itself where one is a subtraction and the other a division.

The formula for the Custom Formula in the conditional formatting section is a simple equality check:

[Param-selection] = "Percent" and another [Param-selection] = "Delta"

Note that you need 2 separate formatting conditions which target the same column.

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@darien I actually figured it out yesterday afternoon. It works, and not just for one column. I was able to get 2 columns to reference my metric select parameter list and they both change. Added some formatting in my formula so they look pretty :slight_smile:

If([SelectMetric] = “View TGP%”, Concat(Text(Round(Coalesce(Sum([Grs Tgp]) / Sum([GRS SLS EXT]), 0) * 100, 2)), “%”), [SelectMetric] = “View TGP$”, Concat("$", Text(Round(Coalesce(Sum([Grs Tgp]) / Sum([CASES]), 0), 2))), “BAD”)


Thanks for all your help with this!

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Great to hear! Come back again if you have more questions.