Total of calculation in pivot table

There’s a pivot table containing three columns - [Revenue 2020], [Revenue 2019] and [YoY growth]. [YoY growth] is a calculation column with formula of [Revenue 2020] / [Revenue 2019] - 1. Enabling “Show Totals” of [Soure Market], I see the following result.

[YoY Growth] of Total should be 12% instead of -326%. How do I get the correct value of Total [YoY Growth]?

revenue yoy

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Hey Hugo!

This is actually a feature that is not quite in Sigma yet – calculating the total of a percentage in pivot tables does not work the way most users would want it. There is a feature request open for a fix for this, I’ll add your name to the ticket right now!

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I like to throw my name into this request as well. Since Sigma is most likely taking inspiration from excel pivot tables, it would be preferable if this is easily achieved here as well. Thanks team!

Hi @jlu
Thanks for letting us know that this feature is important to you. We are currently experimenting with a few different approaches to make this work better in Sigma.

Circling back here @Hugo @jlu - this particular percentage calculation in pivot tables works in Workbooks. You can see an example of it working properly in our Period over Period Analysis Template.