Totals in Tool Tips?

I added columns to the tool tips for this chart, but it’s not showing everything I would like to see:

Can I show the column total of all categories for the Delivery Events?

Can configure the Delivery Total column to be the chart total for just the category instead of all Delivery Events in the chart?
EDIT: I found the solution to this one: Subtotal(Sum([Delivery Events]), “color”)

Hi @zwhitcomb - Yes! You can add additional values to the tooltip. Just create whatever calculation you need and add it to the Tooltip list in the marks section. I think in your scenario the total would be listed twice (one for non-voice and one for voice). There isn’t a way to have the total listed under the categories as you have in the screenshot.

In this example, I used table summaries to calculate the totals I wanted.

You can also remove a tooltip by clicking on the column’s downward-facing arrow and selecting the show in tooltip.

Thanks, @data_katrina - yes, I figured that one out. I’d really like the column total, though…

Have you tried the “advanced aggregation” options? If you want the absolute values instead of the percent of total, you can use the Subtotal function instead of PercentOfTotal

Ya, makes sense! You could add your thoughts here for a tooltip product request: more-control-over-tooltips