Turn Nulls into 0s

I want to sum a numeric column that was added through a join, but there are null values. The sum works for rows that have values, but those that don’t get nulls.

This isn’t an issue until I want to add another column adding the summed column to another. I’m expecting 1+null to equal 1, but it’s just null. In the attached screenshot, you can see the formula for VTR - ([Clicks] + [View Throughs]) / [Impressions]. In the top row you can see that (0 clicks + 1 VT) / 3939 impression = .03%. But in the bottom column, (1 clicks + Null VT) / 447 impression = null.

I believe changing the nulls in View Through to 0 will fix this, but I can’t figure out how.

Hey Nick!

You can change nulls to zeros using the Coalesce function! For this case the formula would be: