Unable to create AI-enhanced input tables

I am trying out the Sigma AI features, and following the instructions here, to create columns via AI on input tables.

However, after setting up the OpenAI API key, i am still unable to get any result. I get an error that says “Unable to complete this request”.

Has anyone been able to use this feature successfully so far?

Hello. It appears we have a bug and aren’t showing the underlying error message correctly, but it appears you’ve exceeded your token’s API quota with OpenAI.

“OpenAI error: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.” is the underlying error message.

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Thanks! i have upgraded to a paid account for openAI, and it can work now.

However, the updates to the column is very slow. It is taking more than 30 minutes to update 500 rows. And i have 300,000 rows in the linked table, but it can only update 500 rows. Is this the upper limit for create columns with AI/

Oh, you should just do this with a formula on the source table (eg DateTrunc or Month) depending on what exactly you’re after. You don’t actually need the AI feature at all for this use case.