Use a Switch to quickly show and hide rows with Nulls

You may have two sets of users who will be looking at the same workbook; one set of users would like to see all rows of data to have 30000 feet view of the data, however, there is another of set of users who would prefer to only look at relevant data. Instead of creating multiple workbooks or multiple elements we can use a Switch button to show or hide the relevant rows of data.

First, add a Switch control with no targets and please take note of the Control ID to be used in the formula.

Then in the table I add a new column to check; if Switch = True, return True for all none null values ONLY, else if false return true for all

If([Show_Hide_control] = True, IsNotNull([Date]), True)

Finally in this column, we only return True with in the column filter.

We can hide this column for a better looking table.

Final output;
2023-08-10 14.21.45

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