Use =indirect() to fix broken references in exported google sheets

I have google sheet A, which is exported daily from Sigma. I also have a g-sheet B, that contains formulas that reference cells in the worksheet A, like, for example: SheetA!A100

Sometimes, especially after a day when Sigma exported fewer rows in than usual, I get a lot of broken references =#REF! is the second worksheet.

Use formula =indirect(“SheetA!A100”)
instead of =SheetA!A100

The difference is - if a row existed yesterday but no longer exists today, if you use a direct reference =SheetA!A100 , Google will permanently invalidate the reference to that cell from the seconds worksheet. Even if the row reappears tomorrow, the reference to it will remain broken.

When using =indirect , the formula will work when the source cell is available, and will gracefully return a blank if the source is not available.