User Impersonation

  • Describe Feature
    Allowing the creator user to impersonate a user, role, or team. To ensure that everything that is presented is viewable and restrictions that we want applied are working as intended.

  • What is the use case?
    As a creator user I want to ensure that the visualizations that I have created can be properly viewed by the different teams. I want to ensure that the parts that I want restricted are actually locked down for that Team. Today, I have to create a separate account and continuously adjust their Team and perform my checks.

  • How often would this feature be used?

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
    Very large


A note for those who are interested in this feature:

The Sigma Computing team let me know that this feature is in an opt-in Beta testing feature flag.


That is most excellent!

For the Sigma users who are looking for the impersonation functionality. Learn more here.

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