Using Developer Tools to get a request ID to debug errors in Sigma

Sigma support and engineering can most readily track down the nature of a failure using a request ID. Usually, requests are clearly associated with worksheet computations and SQL queries, and we can obtain the IDs as described in How to get a Request Id or check the Query History For Errors or Query Details.

However, when problems occur in other parts of Sigma, such as Send Now exports, or CSV uploads, the request ID is not exposed through the UI. In these cases, it is possible to find the request ID by using the browser’s Developer Tools functionality, specifically utilizing the Network tab.

In Chrome these are accessed from View->Developer Tools. This will open a window to the right of the current page, and within this window we select the Network tab. This will capture network requests and responses sent and received by the Sigma application. Once this is open, repeat the action which is triggering the error, and then look for the requests which appear. Typically we are looking for graphql or event items, and if we drill into these we should be able to find a request ID, as depicted below:

Added requestID