Utilize workbook color palette in chart color selection

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    Progress with color palettes has been great, it is nice to create company color palettes and apply them to workbooks. However, it would be nice to utilize the color palette when applying colors to a chart. The addition of Recent Colors is somewhat helpful, but sometimes we want to apply specific colors from our color palette to specific items in a line/bar chart. So anywhere where we can apply a color, have our selected color palette as an option. See picture mockup example:

Color Palette Example
Just below the Recently Used, you could have our applied color palette as a selector option

  • How often would this feature be used?
    Pretty much every time we create a workbook

  • What is the impact of this feature on your organization?
    Very high, would significantly help us create better looking workbooks

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Yes, I totally agree. I just realized the company pallet is available if the color is by category but not by single color :exploding_head:


Yes, the company color palette is available as an option for multiple colors, however, you are stuck with the order that the colors were created in. I can’t click on one of the dimension options and select the color from the custom color palette to apply it to that dimension.

Example below. I would love to click on the edit icon next to each dimension option (e.g. Commercial - Blues) and apply one of the custom color palette colors to that option. But right now, I can’t do that.

Great suggestion! The team already has something in the works.

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