Why lead function does not work on my worksheet?

How can I make the Lead formula work? I created a column with the Lead formula, but it seems nothing happened. If it works, I assume the cell in blue should display as true?


#windowfunction #lead #lag #cumulative #moving #ranking

the issue is the level hierarchy. Specifically you have those values in the level keys when you want them in the ‘calculations’ zone.

If you are using a window function, please add it to the calculations zone (e.g. in each level section, it contains two zones, one is Grouping key— where Event id column is. The other is calculation zone, where New columns… is)

Lag and Lead and cumulative, moving, ranking etc functions are ‘window’ functions. They operate on a group of rows. In your case since you were producing groups that each only had 1 row so lag and lead didn’t have other rows in the window to use.