Worksheet/SQL Datasets


I usually start all my datasets by writing SQL, but I noticed something different between a lot of my datasets. Some of them have a worksheet tab and others have a SQL tab. Now I would prefer to have the SQL tab as then I can edit the SQL to change the dataset. Do you know what could be going on here?

Hey Zachary!

So the difference is some of these datasets are worksheet based datasets, and others are SQL based. If you would like to deal with only SQL datasets you’ll want to make sure you hit the “Save as Dataset” button once completing your SQL!

Got it, Thanks! Is there any way to get back to the SQL in my worksheet based datasets in case I want to edit?

Yes! The first step is to click edit on your dataset and head into the worksheet tab. Then you can click on the data sources logo and you’ll see your Custom SQL which you can then edit!