Workspace Organization Strategy

Hello! New Sigma customer and I’m looking at our workspace>folder structure and naming conventions to keep the company organized. Are there any best practices that I could learn from?

My current thinking is:

  • Internal

—Use Case Area

And maybe a CompanyWide. I debated an Individuals section for personal folders, but I think the My Workspace will suffice there.

I’m not sure if I should move the Customers up a level (i.e. no Customer workspace, just CustomerName). I’d like to give most of the organization access to Customer, and then limit down particular CustomerNames depending on the account. Is there a downside to using folders to separate them instead of the top level workspace?

Hello Alia,

When you first start up your Sigma Organization an organization-wide folder will be made for everyone that has a Sigma account in your organization. Anyone can access the documents in this workspace and will have permission based on their user role.

I would say how you are planning to set it up sounds great – you can use this help document to assist you in setting up permissions for your users!

I’ve moved forward with this strategy, but I don’t see a way to remove people’s access from sub folders. I’m not sure what happens if I give more access later in the folder structure… will they still be able to navigate through the top level? I was hoping to say have Finance under our company name, which everyone has access to, and then reduce permissions to Finance.

For now, I don’t have much need to reduce access, but this might be a limitation to permissions that grow through folders rather than subtract that means I should do more top level workspaces.