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I’m new to Sigma. Is this possible to recreate in Sigma?

Hi Kelly!
So we have some of this functionality, mainly the combo chart will allow you to plot both bars and area style elements. We do not have a way to show multiple dimensions of the x axis like that however. Here I used the Datelookback to get the previous year in our source table, then plotted both current and previous year as bars plus the prohjected as an area line style.
Let me know if this is helpful!
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Added Chart

Thank you Brett.

I tried to use the DateLookBack. Receiving error “Unknown function” datelookback

Hi Kelly,

It sounds like you’re trying to use the DateLookback function in a dataset document… but unfortunately, we do not support the DateLookback function in that context (I’m sure this will be supported once we come out with our new version of datasets though).

That said, I recommend using this function in a downstream workbook instead (for now). Or, if you have sufficient permissions to make a metric, you can use the DateLookback function there (e.g., DateLookback(Sum([NA Booking Indicator]), [Date], 1, "year") might work for you assuming you’ve already defined a helper column (in the dataset) called [NA Booking Indicator] which could be defined by some variation of a formula like this: If([Booking Type] = "NA", 1, 0)

Hopefully that helps! If it does, please let me know :slightly_smiling_face: Of course, we’re happy to answer any more follow-up questions you might have about this.


Hi, Thank you. I’m not sure how to accomplish this?

This is what I entered. I received a null value
DateLookback([Manager Forecast Value Edit], [Close Date], 1, “year”)
What is a helper column?
On another note, do you offer classes? Just started using Sigma and I want to become a Power User. I’m looking to build several company dashboards to replace what we are currently using to visualize our data.
Thanks again for your help!

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I think it might be easier if you opened a live chat or scheduled a 30 minute office hours with our support team. Both these can be found in the ? icon on the bottom right of your sigma.

Additionally here are some other resources that I think you will find helpful!

Brett B
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